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You deserve a serene life.


Pain, anxiety, phobias, fear, and financial stress, will be in the past. Freedom, tranquillity, and deep joy will be your new life. 

I helped hundreds in the last 23 years to get out of emotional hell. Now it's your time.

Feel free to contact me, directly,  to arrange a  free, no-obligation 25-minute consultation, or, for a speaking engagement at  

(929) 535-5975

All of your information, is strictly confidential 


A little about myself

Short Biography

My name is Isaac Yitzchak Wolowik, born in Montreal, Canada on November 1.   1967. I currently live in Jacksonville, FL, and Kiamesha Lake, NY.
In 2001, when I lived in Toronto, I opened my practice, first locally then went international via phone and video chat. 
Over the past 23 years, I've had the honor to see thousands of people transform their lives into happiness, freedom, and success. 

My Philosophy 


I deeply believe that you are a good, smart, kind, and talented person, and your current challenges ensued from your childhood programming or maltreatment.  
I will help you uninstall the unhealthy program and reinstall the healthy program which will set you free.  You deserve a good life.

My personal interests

Being in nature, Camping, Canoeing, Gardening, Drawing, Writing, Renovating, Creating,
Meditating and connecting to spirit. 
As well, I love reading, researching, and studying Anthropology, Psychology, and Neuroscience. 

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Some of the Issues I help, guide and heal:

1. Stress.

2. Insomnia.

3. Anxiety.

4. Depression.

5. Phobias.

6. Anorexia.

7. Trauma

8. PTSD.

9. OCD.

10. Confusion.

11. Poor self-image.

12. Social anxiety.

13. Addictions.

14. Chronic worry.

15. Fear.

16. Relationships. 

17. Raising children. 

18. Dating counselling.

19. Decision-making  

20. Anger.

21. Teens.

And more.

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Teen Out of Control


In 2004, my 16-year-old son was completely out of control. He was involved with alcohol, drugs, clubs, sex, and more, which I didn't even know about. I brought him to a therapist, but he just wouldn't talk. Then I heard about Rabbi Wolowik's wonderful work. It sounded too good to be true, but I gave it a shot.


My son met with the coach and I held my breath, hoping that the meeting would be productive. When I picked him up after the session, even before I had a chance to ask him how it went, he asked me "When can I go back to him?" I was shocked. In the past, after speaking with any sort of therapist, he expressed frustration and told me that I was wasting his time and my money. Within a year my son was (relatively speaking) back on track, back to school, associating with the right friends, and most importantly, back home (even at night).

If you have any problems or unresolved conflicts with your teenager, I would highly recommend Rabbi Wolowik.

North York, Ontario,
December, 2007

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An extremely affable person


Aug. 28 2007

My relationship with Rabbi Wolowik goes back about 20 years, when I knew him as a rabbinical student, studying Kabbalah and Talmud: first, in Melbourne, Australia, and then later, in Sydney. We connected immediately. But then again, I haven't met anyone who doesn't connect with this special person instantly. He is an extremely affable person. His life mission is one of raising the planet to the next level. He helps people run their lives more efficiently, personally, professionally, and of course financially.

He has an uncanny ability of looking into you and knowing exactly where you are at in your life. Then, he guides you to use your G-d-given talent to fully realize your potential. My first extraordinary experience with Rabbi Wolowik occurred when I introduced him to my beloved fiancee. He took one look at her, made a penetrating remark, and assured me that she would really make a great life partner. He was spot on right, and still is, seventeen years later.

About ten years ago I encountered new life challenges in my professional career. I spent one and a half years talking to him over the phone taking notes as we spoke. I couldn't get over his kindness as a human being. He is such a powerful person. He has the ability to really make me feel absolutely enthusiastic in all issues of life that we speak about. Thanks to him, my relationship with my spouse, family, and people at work has improved dramatically.

If you are looking for accelerated improvement in your relationships and personal growth, then consider: there is no one who ever made a more indelible impression on my life than Rabbi Wolowik. I believe that this will be true for you as well.

If you are reading this, then it was meant to be. It's now your turn to make a major turn for the better in your life.

I assure you. Your experience will be life-changing.

Aron Gross
Melbourne, Australia

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Stubborn Spouse

September 16, 2007

I always had a difficult time communicating with my husband. Years ago, I asked him if we could go to counseling to resolve our communication problem. The response always was: "No, you have a problem, not me!" After months of nagging, he finally agreed. We went to a marriage counselor, but no luck. He didn't cooperate with the counselor and just blamed all on me. Two years later I heard about Rabbi Wolowik's success in communicating with difficult people. I met with the rabbi and explained my situation. He recommended that my husband come for a visit. I asked my husband if he would agree to go to the Rabbi and again his reply was no. With much encouragement, he finally agreed.


The session with the Rabbi was phenomenal. He made my husband feel so good, validated his opinion and point of view, and kept telling me I see where your husband is coming from. Only at the end of the session, very skillfully and gently explain to my husband that there are other ways of looking at things as well. My husband paid attention and was cooperative. When we left the Rabbi's office, my husband turned to me and said "He was good; he knows how I feel, and I actually don't mind going back." Wow! I said to myself, an absolute miracle.

Please don't take my word, try him out for yourself.


Debbie W.
Concord, ON.

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Encourage Career

I highly recommend Yitzchak Wolowik as a gifted Life Coach. He is extremely optimistic and motivational; in his presence, one cannot help but feel uplifted. He has a way of instilling self-confidence. Several years ago Yitzchak encouraged me to embark on my current career of public speaking, but I was hesitant; I thought I might not be good enough. Yitzchak helped me believe in my own potential, and I am forever thankful.

Rabbi Eliezer Gurkow,
Congregation Beth Tefilah,
London Ontario

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